Foto Friday: Fall Colors

If you’ve followed 2 Dope Sistahs for a while, you know that I take a lot of pictures while I am out walking. This photo is from a couple of weeks ago. I was struck by the colors and just had to stop and admire them for a moment.

It looks a little crooked, but that is because it’s on a hill.

Fall colors¬†are so beautiful, but they only last such a short time. If you haven’t had a chance, go out and enjoy the leaves changing colors before it’s too late!


Foto Friday: Special Effects

I was walking on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University when I came across this scene. Steam was billowing from a pipe on one of the campus buildings and surrounding a nearby tree.


It seemed eerie to me, like special effects you might see in a horror movie, so I added some special effects of my own.


Readers, I’d love to know what you think. ūüôā

Foto Friday: Close-up

Each “Foto Friday” 2dopesistahs pay homage to our love of Pinterest by remixing one of the posts we saw there, the “30 Day Photography Challenge,” originally posted on the Little Bennet blog. We are presenting our photographs so that we can explore the power of the camera and how we see the world.

Day 26: Close-up

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

I have wondered about this strange fruit since I moved to Iowa. In the fall,¬†these grapefruit or softball sized, greenish-yellow, rough-textured¬†fruits¬†were all over the ground, but I had no idea what they were. Finally, out of curiosity, I took these pictures and did a little research. This is the fruit of the Osage orange tree. Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny looking?

Osage orange tree (Scientific name: Maclura pomifera)

Osage orange tree (Scientific name: Maclura pomifera)

Almost all of the fruit had fallen from this tree by mid-November. The fruit is non-poisonous and edible, although apparently not consumed because of its unpleasant taste. However, the fruit is used as a decoration and touted by some as an effective, natural insect repellant.


Depending on the region, the¬†Osage orange is¬†called by different names, including hedge apple, horse apple, and bois d’arc.