Wacky Wednesday: If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island, What 5 Items Would You Like to Have?

Da Realist 1

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

I am going to assume that I would be able to find water to drink and food to eat on this island. My five items fall into three categories–survival, rescue, and entertainment. I want to be able to survive long enough to be rescued, and I’ll need something to entertain myself while I wait for the Coast Guard (who would of course be looking for me).

  1. A blanket (you know to keep warm)
  2. A knife (in case I need to fight off a wild animal or spear some fish)
  3. A tent (to protect myself from the elements)
  4. A solar-powered laptop loaded with my favorite songs and e-books (because I need something to do while I wait for help to arrive)
  5. The “Professor” from Gilligan’s Island (because he would hopefully bring five more¬†items and know how to use my #4 to signal for help)

Da Hype 1

  1. I need to be lucky enough to be on an island with an abandoned home that someone from a distant past once lived. I hate being cold and I would prefer to not be prey to another animal.
  2. A never ending supply of notebook paper and pencils. I’m sure that this will be the place where I write the great American novel.
  3. A cell phone – you never know, this island could be off the coast of FL and all I have to do is place a call or text and I’m home.
  4. A gun and a never ending supply of bullets.
  5. Allergy medicine. I’m always sneezing and wheezing around trees.