Foto Friday: Herky on Parade

I was driving past city hall the other day, and I saw this statue of Herky the Hawk, the mascot of the University of Iowa. Hmm, I thought. This is new.


"Capt Herky"

“Capt Herky”

As it turns out, this statue is one of 83 Herkys in the Iowa City area. It’s a “multi-city public art project” known as “Herky on Parade.” The statues, which were designed by local artists or students from area schools, will be auctioned off at the end of the summer with the proceeds going to the United Way. The “Herky” above honors members of the United States Air Force. (For more info about Herky on Parade, click here.)


This Herky caught my eye, but don’t worry I’m still partial to Brutus the Buckeye. 😉