Wacky Wednesday: The Most Surprising Music on Your iPod

The most surprising artist on my iPod? Well, you know that the 2 Dope Sistahs are old-school hip-hop heads, but our music tastes are also eclectic. I’ve already revealed that I listen to Mozart in a previous post. I wonder, Is there anything more surprising than that?

BillyJoelIt may surprise you to learn that I have Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits on my iPod. I started listening to Billy Joel in my 5th grade music class. Every Friday our music teacher allowed students to bring in albums (yeah, we had albums back then), and we took turns listening to everyone’s favorite songs. I was never permitted to leave the house with one our albums though. One of my classmates must have been Billy Joel’s number one fan because he always brought his Billy Joel album on Fridays. It certainly wasn’t something I listened to at home, but I’ve liked the “Piano Man” ever since.

So, 2 Dope Readers, we really want to know. What music would we be surprised to learn is on your iPod?