Foto Friday: Something Blue

Each “Foto Friday” 2dopesistahs pay homage to our love of Pinterest by remixing one of the posts we saw there, the “30 Day Photo Challenge,” originally posted on the Little Bennet blog. We are presenting our photographs so that we can explore the power of the camera and how we see the world.

Day 11: Something Blue

Atari Game Joystick

Atari Game Joystick

Da Hype 1

One of my fondest memories of my childhood was watching my mother and father battle at Pac Man on my Atari 2600 game console. Of course, it looked nothing like this. It was black and wide, not sleek like the game consoles today.

Once, when I was nostalgic for my childhood games, I purchased this joystick, loaded with Ms. Pac Man, Galaga and some other games. I LOVE Galaga and I look forward to playing my games to relieve some stress.

This joystick was clearly made for old heads like myself, who are not interested in all of the new games, but still appreciate good family fun and a way to relax in the evening. It’s actually funny to see the simple graphics of these games compared to what’s out now.

Da Realist 1

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and I learned a lot from all of them. But my great-grandmother Della seemed to have just the right temperament to teach me how to do things. She taught me how to bake pies and cakes, and I loved to help her in the kitchen. She also taught me how to crochet. I could never crochet as well as she did, but I can still crochet a square (not sure what it’s actually called).

Baby Boy Blanket

Baby Boy Blanket

I’ve crocheted a few things over the years, usually baby blankets or pillows. I find it soothing, but I don’t often have time for it anymore. I found this unfinished blue-and-white blanket in my closet with my yarn and other supplies. I remember starting it for a friend who was having a baby boy, a boy who is probably in the first grade by now. Maybe one day I’ll go ahead and finish it.