The Writers of 2 Dope Sistahs

Da Hype 1

CARWI currently teach Women’s Studies and African American Studies courses at a university somewhere in the South. My first s/hero was Harriet Tubman. As a kid, I was fascinated by her harrowing escape to freedom and her courage to free others.  I grew up in Maryland, where Tubman was enslaved and where she traveled. Each time I ride from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I consider myself travelling on Harriet’s road.

Although I have read various accounts of the number of slaves she ushered to freedom, she is still, indisputably, the original Bad Ass Chick!

I am also a writer. I write fiction mostly, but I occasionally dabble into poetry. I believe that poetry forces me to make my words more concise and intentional. It makes me a better writer of fiction.

Da Realist 1

me2Born in the M-I-Crooked Letter and raised by a fiercely protective group of Grands and Greats, I am an assistant professor of history at a state university. Blessed (or cursed) with a sardonic wit, I am prone to both uncontrollable giggles and righteous anger. An introvert who prefers the company of close family and friends, good books, and warm puppies, I perform extroversion in short bursts of 50 minutes or less. When not researching, writing, or teaching, I can be found listening to the old-school rap jams to unwind.

As for the name of the blog, 2 Dope Sistahs, I’ll try live up to it. I will strive for “dopeness” although I consider myself, at best, dope adjacent.


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