In Memoriam, Jesse (1970-2013)

Image courtesy of phanlop88/FreeDigital

Image courtesy of phanlop88/FreeDigital

Today we light a candle for our dear friend, Jesse J. Scott, Ph.D., who passed away one year ago today. He never got a chance to read our 2 Dope Sistahs blog. We know he would have encouraged us though. Over the last year, we’ve written about him several times (I Had Such a Friend, For Jesse, Foto Friday: Someone You Love, and The Worst Moments of 2013).


I can’t tell you how many times we have talked about you over this past year, remembering the times we had together–laughing sometimes but mostly trying to hold back the tears. I’ve often thought to myself, Let me call, Dr. Scott. And then, I remembered. . . I hope you’re not too salty with us for being sad instead of “jolly.” We can’t help it. We love you and miss you too much.

Rest in peace.



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