Natural Conversations: Products We Love

When Da Hype 1 and I started this blog, I never imagined that we would be writing about hair. However, several of our posts last year did in fact discuss issues related to the politics of black women’s hair. Having both decided to “go natural,” we discussed our “journeys” on the blog as well. This blog reflects the wide range of conversations between the two of us. And let’s face it, we know “the personal is political,” so we’ve decided to make our conversations about hair a regular addition to the blog. We’re calling it Natural Conversations, and we’re starting with some of favorite hair care products.

Da Realist 1

Hi, my name is Da Realist 1, and I am a product junkie. I’ve had this addiction for many years. When I first went natural, I was randomly trying anything and everything, but I wasn’t sure what worked and what didn’t. In order to bring some order to the madness, I decided to select a line of products and try them for a month. I’m hoping that’s enough time to make a fair assessment. This month I am using products from EDEN Bodyworks. EDEN has three different lines of hair products–Peppermint Tea Tree, JojOba Monoi, and Coconut Shea. Their products contain “no petroleum, mineral oils or sodium sulfates.” The products I tried from the Peppermint Tea Tree line were the All Natural Shampoo, All Natural Conditioner, and All Natural Hair Oil. From the Coconut Shea line, I used the All Natural Cleansing Cowash and All Natural Leave In Conditioner.

EDENThe EDEN products are reasonably priced ($8-$12 at my local Sally Beauty Supply), and they all smell great. After using the tea tree shampoo and conditioner, my scalp was tingly and my hair was clean, without it feeling stripped or hard. The coconut shea cowash and leave in conditioner also worked well for those times when I didn’t want to use shampoo. My favorite products were the leave in conditioner and the hair oil. With the leave in conditioner, my hair feels soft and seems to retain moisture better than with other products I’ve tried. The tea tree oil has a strong minty smell, but that does fade. My scalp tends to get very dry and itchy, and this product really soothed it. It comes in a spray bottle, so I can put it directly on my scalp. Even though I’ll be testing new products next month, I’m sure I’ll be coming back to EDEN.

Da Hype 1

It’s almost a complete year since I did the big chop! I had transitioned for nine months prior, and like many curlies, I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I chopped it off!

For the last year, I have tried a variety of products: Shea Moisture, Jane Carter, Taliah Waajid, Carol’s Daughter, Darcy’s Botanicals, and more. Some of them did not work for me, while some did. Some of the products did not work in the way that they worked for others, but they were okay on my hair. Some of the products worked for awhile, but when my hair seemed to be going through some type of change, they didn’t seem to work anymore.CastorOil
So, what is working for me now? Right now, I am absolutely in love with castor oil in my hair. It makes my hair soft and it holds moisture better than any other product for me. It is especially useful to me during the winter months when my hair could easily dry out from the cold weather, but it doesn’t with my castor oil.
I use the L.O.C. method (leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream) when twisting my hair. For the oil, I use castor oil. I also rub my scalp and ends with it daily. The remainder that’s left on my hand, I rub on the shaft of my hair. For me, it has been the only oil that has made my hair shine.
I use over the counter castor oil–nothing fancy. I don’t use the Jamaican version, which many swear by. I simply decided to try the over the counter version because it is cheaper and easier to access for me (without having to purchase online). Since I fell in love with it, I felt no reason to try anything else.
I have been using castor oil consistently for about 4 months. For someone like me, someone with tightly coiled/curly hair, nothing else has really penetrated my hair as castor oil. There is a warning: castor oil is thick and may even feel a little weird on your hand, but it has NEVER felt that way on my hair.
So, that’s what’s working for us. What hair care products are working for you? We’d love to hear about them!!!

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