Wacky Wednesday: 2014 New Year’s Resolution

Image courtesy of Simon Snowden/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Simon Snowden/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Da Hype 1

Each year, I sit down and write a list of things that I resolve to do better than I did the year before. For some reason, I expect to awaken on January 1–the day after partaking in alcoholic beverages and celebrating the outgoing year–and some how be a brand new “me.” I used to believe that simply because I wrote a list of well-meaning life changes on some scrap sheet of paper (that will probably be lost by January 3) , that miraculously on January 1, I’ll have the will-power to do what I did not have the will-power to do all of the year before.

This year, after considering how much of an #EpicFail every other New Year’s list of resolutions have been, I decided that New Year’s resolutions are for suckers! Instead, I decided to look for more ways to do the things that I like to do, and do them more often. As a writer, I will then write about those experiences, hoping that my writing will evoke more good feelings, which will be the impetus to do them more often.

For example, I like to scrapbook. Scrapbooking is creative work, and whenever I’m being creative it always makes me feel good. It also encourages me to do other creative things, like write. Rather than “resolve” to scrapbook once a week (I refuse to use language like “resolve” anymore), I will just pick a day at random and scrapbook. The reason why I plan to follow-up by writing about the experience is because I want to make an effort to slow down and consider how the experience makes me feel. I’m betting that really acknowledging the experience (and all of the good feelings it evokes) will inspire me to do it more often.

That’s all I have for resolutions; I’m over them!

Da Realist 1

Well, this is a switch. I am usually the more pessimistic one, but Hype seems like she has that covered. I guess it does seem arbitrary that on January 1 we can just press the reset button and start over, but I’m all for it. I want to put all the bad things behind me, and embrace the wonderful possibilities of the coming year. So, bring on the black-eyed-peas and collard greens. I’m hoping that 2014 will be a lucky year.

This year I want to continue to try new things. This is something I started in 2013. Not a big deal, you say? Well, maybe not for some people, but this requires a stretch for me. I don’t like change that much. The introvert in me would often rather stay at home and read a book than try some new activity. One of my favorite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt is: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I can’t commit to every day, but I think monthly is an attainable goal.

So, what about our 2 Dope followers out there? Have you given up resolutions? Are they for suckers? Or, do you have a resolution for the new year?


2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: 2014 New Year’s Resolution

  1. I have never been one to make a resolution and I also never been one to sit and plan things on paper. When I plan thing it always seem to go south. What I will do this year is set a short term goal and just do it.

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