Wacky Wednesday: What Do You Like Most about Winter?

Da Realist 1

Christmas wreath on my front door

Christmas wreath on my front door

What do I like most about winter? Oh, that’s easy-peasy. Christmas decorations–the tree (I prefer real), lights, ornaments, wreaths, poinsettias, personalized stockings, tablecloths, napkins, salt-and-pepper shakers, kitchen towels. I have it all! (No Christmas sweaters, though. I decorate my house, not myself.)

Like so many things that I treasure, decorating for Christmas makes me think of my family. I was the official tree-trimmer for my great-grandmother. She had a small artificial tree in her living room closet, and she always let me decorate it, probably because she didn’t want to be bothered with it. But it made me feel important that she saved that job for me. At my house, my mother and I always trimmed the tree together. We had special ornaments, some of them I made at school in the 5th grade.

Many people have commented on the joy I seem to get out of decorating for Christmas. Last week my husband noticed that I was quite jolly when I got out the box with all of our Christmas goodies. “You loooove Christmas,” he observed. I had a friend in college who referred to me as “The Christmas Elf”–a not so veiled reference to my height, I’m sure–because of all the Christmas-themed paraphernalia I had in my apartment.

Da Hype 1

apple ciderWhat I like most about Winter is everything warm. It’s the contrast of coming in from the cold outside, to getting into my warm bed that I love. A hearty thanks to Da Realist 1 for the electric blanket she bought for me. Anyway, I love the idea of drinking hot caramel apple cider, Earl Grey lattes, and other hot drinks. I long for the moments in which I sneak a half hour or more and sip my favorite drink, turn on the fire place, and read my favorite book in my favorite chair. That is my Great Winter Escape!

Like Da Realist 1, I also like the Christmas season. What I really enjoy about Christmas is listening to Christmas songs.  I won’t tell you my favorite Christmas song; come back to next week’s Wacky Wednesday for that!!


2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: What Do You Like Most about Winter?

  1. I get excited about decorating, too. I love to put up a tree and decorating my living room with the Nativity scene I inherited from my mother. It is even more exciting now with a kid because it excites her, too. I especially like decorating while playing my favorite Christmas songs.

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