Encouraging Yourself to Happy

Happy Face at the beach

Happy Face at the beach

On Monday, Da Realist 1 wrote a post, “Rejuvenating My Passion,” which is about her experience this past weekend attending an academic conference in IL. She spoke about it as being a “coming home” experience, one in which her attendance rejuvenated her spirit as an academic. It gave her an opportunity to go back to the people and the work that that was important to her.

Da Realist 1 was on to something in her piece. In fact, many of you, our readers, felt that she was as well, as demonstrated by the email and Facebook responses that talked about how her post was right on time for them. Personally, it reminded me of the value of doing the things that we enjoy and that we should try to do them as often as possible. Doing the work that we enjoy helps to balance the blahs that many of us experience when our professional and personal lives are not producing the type of fruit that we hoped it would.

The truth is, too often we don’t feel rewarded for our hard work, whether it be the work we do in our homes or the work that we do in the office. For me, however, I have always been thankful for is the relationship that I have had with my students. It has provided me a community of scholars with whom I could engage in conversations.

I have had students who are energized and optimistic about the research and scholarship that we do. They are also activists in their communities, volunteering to make a difference for women of domestic violence, educating young black students, campaigning in elections, and working in any other ways that they are needed. We are connected to each other on Facebook and Twitter and we continue discussing the issues that impact black people’s lives long after they have graduated. Some, I have even become friends with.

Not too long ago, I received a Facebook message from one of my students, telling me about the impact that my class has made in his life. Conversations like that make all of the academic bureaucracy worthwhile.

Wishing all our readers peace and joy!

Click here for Frankie Beverly and Maze’s song, “Happy Feelings” to help you get to happy.


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