Foto Friday: Technology

Each “Foto Friday” 2dopesistahs pay homage to our love of Pinterest by remixing one of the posts we saw there, the “30 Day Photography Challenge,” originally posted on the Little Bennet blog. We are presenting our photographs so that we can explore the power of the camera and how we see the world.

Day 17: Technology

Da Realist 1: My Kindle

My Kindle

Having my Kindle with me means that I always have something to read.

Technology. Well, that’s broad. But I’ll bet it’s not surprising to our readers that I selected my Kindle to photograph. After grousing about e-readers for quite some time like an old curmudgeon, I broke down and bought one about three years ago. It’s so convenient; I love it. It allows me to carry multiple books with me when I travel without carrying a heavy backpack. I like it best for non-academic reads. For teaching and research purposes, I still prefer paper.


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