Wacky Wednesday: What Did You Learn from Your First Job?

Da Hype 1

Baskin RobbinsI think everyone who knew me in high school, knew I worked at Baskin Robbins. For some reason, BR was the hot spot for teens, especially during the summer months. Not only were there a lot of kids hanging out around BR, but almost all of the employees came from my high school as well. I loved that job and was promoted to Sr. Sales staff.

The franchise owner, Bill, was kindest, fairest employer a kid could have asked for. When I think of him, I think of him fondly and hope that he is somewhere doing well.

I learned a lot from this position, including professionalism and responsibility. What I appreciate most, however, is my cake decorating skills. In this position, I decorated a lot of ice cream cakes and I never forgot the skill. To this day, I still enjoy cake decorating.

Da Realist 1

I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16. It was my first “real” job where I received a paycheck. Do you remember that Kanye West song, “Gold Digger“? “This week he mopping he mopping floors next week it’s the fries.” Well, that’s what happened to me. As I was training, one of my first tasks was to help the cashiers who were working the register during lunch rush. I would get the food and place it on the tray while they took orders. Inevitably, after the rush, I was sent out to mop the lobby. And I’d stay gone so long that people forgot  that I was still on the clock. We had a regular “fry lady” who handled the fries during lunch rush. But I was sometimes “on fries” when she wasn’t around. Finally, I moved up to the “the register” and became a cashier.

The restaurant was in the corporate headquarters building, so everything had to be done correctly because we never knew who might be watching. I still remember some of the things I that I was taught. Let me give you a few pearls. Did you know there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to mop? Well, you must mop from left-to-right in a figure eight motion. Similarly, salt should be put on fries in the same way–never in an up-and-down shaking motion. There was also a particular way to fold the bag too–away from the customer and the logo. There were lots of little rules like that. Although I thought they were silly, they must have appealed to my persnickety nature. I still find myself involuntarily thinking about them when I go into a McDonald’s. I don’t say anything, but I’m thinking, Look at how she folded that bag. Umph, umph, Umph.

(I would have included a picture, but McDonald’s is really serious about the company’s image and logo. And I don’t want to get sued. 🙂 )

So, 2 Dope readers, what was your first job and what did you learn from it?


2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: What Did You Learn from Your First Job?

  1. Sounds like you had a great experience, Hype 1. I had a friend who worked at BR in high school. The only thing I remember is that she had to weigh the ice cream to make sure she didn’t serve too much. I was appalled!

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