Foto Friday: Eyes

Each “Foto Friday” 2dopesistahs pay homage to our love of Pinterest by remixing one of the posts we saw there, the “30 Day Photography Challenge,” originally posted on the Little Bennet blog. We are presenting our photographs so that we can explore the power of the camera and how we see the world.

Day 14: Eyes

Da Realist 1: Just Eyes

Just Eyes

Just Eyes

Well, we are almost halfway through the “30 Day Photography Challenge.” Today’s photo is a tough one–eyes. Since last week, I have been wondering, How in the heck am I going to take a picture of just eyes? I even tried to take a picture of my own eyes with my camera. That “selfie” was not ready for prime time though. Then, I began to think about what else has eyes. My dog? Yes, but she’d never sit still. Needles? Yes, but they’re too small. A potato? Yes, that’s it. So, my picture this week is of potato eyes.


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