Foto Fridays: Routine

Each “Foto Friday” 2dopesistahs pay homage to our love of Pinterest by remixing one of the posts we saw there, the “30 Day Photo Challenge,” originally posted on the Little Bennet blog. We are presenting our photographs so that we can explore the power of the camera and how we see the world.

Day 8: Routine

Da Realist 1: Morning Walk

This week’s photograph is from my morning routine. When I get up, I check my e-mail,

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

give my elderly dog her medicine, and take her for a walk. Miss Maxie is 15-years-old. (Yes, my dog has a courtesy title. :-)) It might be more accurate to say that now she walks me because she dictates the length and speed of the walk. If she’s feeling good, we may stay outside for 30 minutes. If it’s too hot or too cold, the morning walk is just a quick potty break.

Today was a good day; we had a long walk. I think she may have wondered why I was following her around with a camera though. (She’s a very smart dog.) I snapped this picture at the end of our walk after Miss Maxie ran (slowly) up the stairs. And to make it clear that she’s in charge of the walk, she often turns around and looks at me as if to ask “Are you coming?” like she did in this picture.

Da Hype 1

DSCN0815This mound of clothes represents my routine responsibility of washing clothes. I hate it! I’d rather be writing on 2DS or working on my fiction. It is this mound of clothes that I look at each day that prevents me from accomplishing my task of writing. How does this affect my ability to write, you ask? Because even when I am not folding clothes, I’m thinking about all of the clothes that I need to be folding. I know that I would be more prolific if only I could get these dang blasted clothes folded.

The truth? When they are gone, what excuse will I have for not writing?


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