Foto Fridays: “What You Wore”

Day 2: What You Wore



Da Realist 1: Earrings

I didn’t think my Independence Day outfit was very interesting, so I decided to focus on just one aspect–my earrings. I bought these on sale, and I really like them. Check out the background. Patriotic, huh?

In Grandmother's DressDa Hype 1: My Grandmother’s Dress

The person who wore this dress before me passed away a long time ago. I often wonder what she would think of the adult that I have become. Would she have been proud of my accomplishments? Would she have enjoyed my husband’s humor and adored my daughter tremendously? The person who wore this dress was my Grandmother and this all I have left. Well, this and the memories.

I hope that you do not think I’m cheating, but  the task was to discuss what I wore and it didn’t say when I wore it!

Grandmother's Dress


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